REVIEW: Good Charlotte Generation RX LP



Short and sweet album with the same core GC sound we all know and love.

Good Charlotte are back with a new album, Generation RX. Last time we received a new album from Good Charlotte we were waiting until 2016 after the band’s six-year hiatus. And it was a triumphant return. And personally I was glad to see them back, like most teens The Young & The Hopeless was one of my favourite albums, it still is. They were the band who taught us to Hold On all those years ago.

Tomorrow they release their seventh studio album; Generation RX. With a mere 9 tracks, the album starts with its namesake. A short 2 minutes, which slowly builds and and then Self Help kicks in. Now this sound takes you a bit by surprise but rather than it completely consuming the GC sound, it simply lifts it.

Shadow Boxer the second single is a much heavier sound with Joel’s screams, it’s filled with synth but still has those signature catchy guitar hooks. Next we have the first single Actual Pain, which is a lyrically deep, emotionally charged, empathetic Good Charlotte we know and love. Coming after the death of Lil Peep who was a good friend of the band, who sadly passed away last year.

Benii takes the lead on softer track Prayers, always a welcome sound. I adore Benji’s voice and it fits so perfectly with these heart wrenching, soul-searching kind of songs. This was definitely my favourite of these nine tracks. Its followed by Cold Song which starts with a solo piano, with Joel singing, then the guitar kicks in. This is the perfect compliment to Prayers, and it builds so well with that incredible guitar solo from Martin.

It’s then cranked back up to the synth-filled rock sound Good Charlotte are known for as we lead into Leech, which features the amazing Sam Carter, Architects. Next up we have Better Demons, which is a darker turn. It hits on the isolation the youth of today experience in our world where everything is shared online via social media.

California (The Way I Say I Love You) ends this 9 track journey. Its the little pick me up you need when you’re feeling low. And if there’s one thing Good Charlotte are for a lot of us, is that band that you listen to when things are hard, when you feel low, and they always pick you up.

Overall Generation RX is an incredible journey. You can tell the brothers have found a new chapter to start in their musical journey. But it still encapsulates what we all love about this band, hope.