REVIEW: Movements – ‘Feel Something’ LP



The best emo album you’ll hear this winter so far, an incredible emotionally charged trip and we highly recommend you all partake in the journey.

Today see’s the debut full length album from Movements. And I was lucky enough to hear it before release.

This album is a ridiculously incredible, evocative, emotional journey. For me, Movements have matured their sound and found their place. This album was like an early 00’s tv show soundtrack wet dream. With its spoken word moments, trippy guitar riffs and transcendent vibes. It’s 11 tracks that not only gel as each one ends but play’s through seamlessly.

I can’t sit here and dissect each individual track, as I really enjoyed this album. Frontman Patrick Miranda’s voice has that melancholic, yet soothing sound; which made this album and incredibly easy listen for me. Stand out track from the album is Fever Dream, it’s just beautiful. And perfectly placed.

This album was an incredible emotionally charged trip, and I highly recommend you all partake in the journey.

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