From The Pit: Mayday Parade, Birmingham 23/9/17

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Mayday Parade graced our lives with A Lesson In Romantics? Us neither so when this tour was announced, to say we were stoked is an understatement.

First up the support from All Get Out and With Confidence. All Get Out I hadn’t heard of before but they were a good choice for a support slot. With Confidence all the way from Australia have got to have been a tad jet lagged, but the energy was up there. The band are surely due more success in the pop punk scene, after their debut ‘Better Weather’ and various awesome tours under their belt. Can only see them getting bigger in the scene.

Now the main event everyone had been waiting for, Mayday Parade burst onto the stage with Jamie All Over the title track. And its as if you’re transported back to 2007 and seeing them play these tracks for the first time again. The fear with these gigs I always think is; will seeing an album played live in full get a bit dull, but it certainly wasn’t. The passion and energy the guys have for these songs even 10 years on is undeniable. Beautiful sing alongs ensued with If ‘You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask’, and a piano being bought out for the incredibly emotional anthem; Miserable At Best.

The crowd is full of us older lot who grew up with the album, with some younger fans around too, offering a great mix of energy and participation. Although when Derek began to play the Something Corporate hit Punk Rock Princess acoustically, you DEFINITELY knew who the older people in the room were… The encore was the hit Oh Well, Oh Well from their self-titled album from 2011, a great way to end.

So if you’re considering seeing the pop punk classic A Lesson In Romantics, in full, live, just do it. You will not be disappointed. This year is throwing up some great anniversary tours, and that was one to not be missed.

You can view the full library of photos from the show here:

Photography by Emma Turner Photography
Review by Kayleigh Hadley: