12 days Of Pop Punk Christmas

I’m sure by now this year, you’ve already heard every Christmas song ever written…twice. After the 534th time you’ve heard“Last Christmas” by Wham you’re probably tearing at your ears for something different…well…

Do you remember that video that did the rounds online recently, of some guy doing an impression of every Pop Punk vocalist…

Yea, that guy! As it goes, that guy, Jarrod Alonge, is somewhat of a comedian…a pop punk comedian of sorts. He’s posted a few videos poking fun at scene culture, from pop punk to metal core. He even managed to get We Came As Romans to cameo in one of his videos. Well, Jarrod has also got into the spirit of the season and recoded his very own Christmas song.

In timely tradition, he has recorded his own version of the “12 Days of Christmas” but with a pop punk twist. Get ready to hear every stereotype you’ve ever heard of the scene, but remember not to take it too seriously, it’s just a bit of fun…and you know, it is Christmas after all. You can check out the track below

If you ask nicely, your parents will let let you play it as you burst the buttons on your skinny jeans trying to shove that last bit of turkey into your mouth.

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