10 Albums Turned 10 Years Old In 2014

Hands up who’s ready to wonder where there life has gone?! There was a time before we were all stalking each other on Facebook and Hash-tagging any possible combination of words. A glorious time when the cinema was showing such classics as Anchorman, Shaun of the Dead, and for all you ladies, The Notebook.

Yep, 2004 may not have been one of those years that defined the human race, but it did bare witness to some of the greatest albums of a generation, and when you realise that they are TEN years old, you’ll quickly wonder where your life has gone. Before the advent of men in spray on jeans, why don’t you throw on a pair of your old Dickies and prepare your soul for a feels trip as we take you on a one way trip to nostalgia town, and remember some incredible albums that turned ten this year.

Green day – American Idiot

The revival album that pushed everyone’s favourite troubled (not so) youth back into the spotlight.

Taking Back Sunday – Where You Want To Be

The sophomore follow up to the epic Tell All Your Friends, with just as many classics and still has you swinging your non existent fringe.

New Found Glory – Catalyst

If you’re going to try and follow up a defining album like Sticks and Stones you better make it count…and NFG certainly nailed it.

Say Anything – …Is A Real Boy

One of my favourite albums of all time, for the ability to mix heartfelt and witty lyrics with eclectic and stand out song writing

Jimmy Eat World – Futures

I’ll throw down with anyone who has a bad word about Jimmy Eat World and this album has become the bedrock to their ever growing legacy

My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Love ’em or hate ’em, this genre defining album pushed an underground subculture into the mainstream with some pretty amazing tracks.

Underoath – They’re Only Chasing Safety

If you haven’t sang “A Boy Brushed Red” until your face burst then you’ve missed out on something major

Head Automatica – Decadence

I’ve been dancing in clubs to ‘Beating Heart Baby’ for ten years…let that sink in

Hellogoodbye – Self Titled EP

It’s a recorded fact that if you play this record at just the right time, you’ll see a stern looking punk dude smile like he’s just won a lifetime supply of beer

Senses Fail – Let It Enfold You

Senses Fail sometimes fly under the radar but this album had all the hallmarks of a scene classic representative of it’s time

Honourable Mention: Hawthorne Heights – The Silence In Black And White

This album may contain some of the cheesiest lyrics ever penned (to which I solely hold responsible for a lot of emo bashing) but God damn does it have some amazing songs.

By Matt Henson
The Pop Punk Days