The Movielife Reunite

This has taken us a few minutes to post as we just fell off our chair with excitement, The Movieline are back! Aside from a few shows in 2011, the band have not performed together since 2003. While only announcing a February 6 show at Irving Plaza, the band has plans to tour the entire world. Check out a quote from singer Vinnie Caruana via Nosey below

And what are your plans for the shows?
Caruana: Our plan is to start at Irving Plaza and go from there. There are pieces of land on this planet that we want to bring our gear onto and play on. I don’t think the UK would allow us to reunite and not come visit them. I think the hatred and frustration would implode the whole country, so we’re definitely going to come over there, I think. I mean, I’d like to. Brandon and I are the two biggest Anglophiles in the band, so the two of us definitely want to visit.