REVIEW: Dearist – ‘Sonder’ LP



Seamlessly catchy DIY emo-tinged goodness. Sonder keeps you listening from start to finish.

2018 looks like it could be Dearist’s year with their sophomore album Sonder dropping this Friday 27th April. The Wolverhampton quintet have managed to encapsulate the essence of 90’s grunge, tinged with 00’s emo, and created a fresh hard-hitting sound, that is undoubtedly passionate in their DIY approach.

Lyrically the whole album offers a blend of catchy hooks in choruses and a feeling of seeing things from another perspective. The sound of this album is something you haven’t heard with recent releases in the same vein, it’s very DIY yet beautifully mastered, offering a seamless journey track by track.

The album starts off with a small intro track, then straight into Beaches. Which kicks off with this awesome riff and the melodic tones of frontman Adam Binder, which sets the tone for the rest to come. Nothing about this album is a hard listen, each track blends seamlessly into the next. Which is something I appreciate about any album. You get taken a long for the ride, which is full of catchy hooks, perfectly executed riffs and breakdowns. In the middle of the album is Essex 1820; the way it starts with the drums; perfection. It’s a beautiful little gem and fits brilliantly between Demuto and Part of You. The album ends on Colours which is more fast-paced and pleasant surprise to end on. Definitely one of my favourites of the 11 tracks on offer.

Sonder is available this Friday 27th via Spartan Records. You can pick up the vinyl here and you can download the album via iTunes.

Check out the video for Fool’s Heart below: